Sunday, February 10, 2013

DIY Music Room Decorations

The kindergarten rooms at my school this year are brand spanking new. Which is pretty cool! They are huge, spacious, tall and WHITE. Meaning that I had to come up with some ideas to make the room more festive. Here is what I made:

This was made by unwrapping crayons, laying them on their sides, and putting a hairdryer to them! It was very simple, and took about an hour (with the unwrapping crayons, gluing them down, blasting them, etc). I love how it turned out! 

This was made in the same kind of fashion. I glued crayons (in their wrappers) to the edge of the canvas, and used my hair dryer to help them melt down. I then turned the canvas around, and added the flowers! I used a die-cut to make the flowers. 

The stop light is my best friend. Specialists at my school work on a green, yellow, red system and the stop light is an excellent visual for my kids to see what color they are on. The signs next to it say,
Green: I tried really hard, I did my very best, I paid attention
Yellow: I tried some of the time, I didn't always do my best, I didn't always pay attention
Red: I didn't do do my best, I didn't pay attention, I gave up trying

Music Rules:
M - Make Good Choices
U- Use Good Manners
S - Speak when the teacher allows it
I - Involve yourself in all activities
C- Care for Music Room Equipment

"I get by with a little help from my friends!" Although my students aren't really familiar with this song, I love it! It's lyrics are perfect for the elementary music classroom. 

"Each person is like a single note, together we make a masterpiece"
On the first day of school I had each of my children color in their own music note. That way, they will always know that they contributed to our masterpiece!

Did I mention that I have two rooms to decorate too? My projects never end. 

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